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Whether it’s learning how to overcome crisis, 

or just simple advice to keep a relationship strong, expert counseling help is available

My name is Dr. Anthony Centore, Founder for Thriveworks Miami Couples Counseling, and I just want you to know that -- no matter what has happened in your relationship, no matter how troubled, angry or saddened you feel about it all, and no matter how hopeless things may seem – healing is within the reach for you and your partner.

Hurt an
d pain, sadness and tears, rage and anger… all these things may plague you and your partner right now. However, I want you to know that you are not alone.

Relationship Problems

Almost half of all marriages these days end in divorce. What is even worse than the emotional divorce that plagues couples who have a deep, wide gap between them that prevents them from experiencing happiness together?

There are many factors that cause and aggravate emotional divorce between two people: 

  • Failed and Troubled Communication
  • Uncontrolled Anger
  • Mindless Dependency
  • Jealousy and Failed Trust
  • A Painful History
  • Infidelity / Cheating
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Unmanageable Schedules
  • Doubt and Uncertainty

The real problem lies not in the fact that couples experience these problems, but the fact that they don’t seek help when they need it the most. 
Years and years of unnecessary pain and suffering can be undone and avoided with help.  A couple just needs to reach out and take it.

"My relationship needs help. Where do I turn?"

This is where we at Thrive Miami come in.

First off, congratulations. The mere fact that you’re reading this message means you have taken the first step to finding the answer to your questions; to solving your problems. You are closer to making change in your life, even if took you weeks, months, even years for you to get this far. 

Thriveworks Miami Counselors are available to walk with you from this point on. You and your significant other will not struggle with your problems alone. We will help you attain the peace and happiness that the both of you deserve.

How is Thrive Miami Couples Counseling Different?

Thriveworks Counselors help hundreds of individuals, couples, and families from Miami every year.

At Thrive, we are focused on your wellbeing. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with only the best counseling services staffed by the most competent counselors.

At Thriveworks Miami you are treated with the utmost care and respect. We see our clients as persons, not disorders. We do not see you and your significant other as a simple list of symptoms, diagnoses and problems. You are persons who want more out of life, and we recognize and respect that.

No Waiting Lists: Your First Couples Counseling Appointment is This Week

Thriveworks Miami offers something that most other marriage counselors, relationship therapists, marriage and family psychologists, family social workers, or anyone else in the field can or will offer. And that is our attention to time.

Time is of the essence. Your relationship deserves help, needs it, now. Not a year later, not a month later, not even a week later. If you call us today to schedule your first session, you can get your first therapy appointment with our professional counselors in under a week. We can also manage to get many clients on the same day that they call, so your precious time won’t be wasted on long waiting lists.

Don't spend one more day feeling anxious and uncertain about your relationship.  Call us.

You and your partner may be going through difficult times, but it doesn't mean that your relationship is over. 


Dr. Anthony Centore
and your friends at Thriveworks Miami