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Whether your marriage is in crisis, or you're wanting to protect a good thing, professional help is available.

I am Dr. Anthony Centore, as the Founder of Thrive Miami Marriage Counseling, I want you to remember that if there is one thing you need to know about your marriage, it is the fact that no matter what situation you are in right now, you can still make the most out of that beautiful thing you have.

It may not seem that way right now. But no matter how bad things might seem, no matter what has happened, and no matter how much it hurts you– I want you to know that your marriage can still experience healing. If you feel down and in pain, you are not alone. We live in times when troubled relationships are widespread:

Relationship Problems

Statistics show that because of the challenges relationships are facing today, almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. Not to mention the fact that the number of couples in Emotional Divorce or Emotional Separation is even WORSE.

Are you losing the battle to any of these common causes of marital problems?:
  • Problems with communication
  • Unsettled and alarming arguments
  • Anger
  • Dependency
  • Jealousy
  • Painful pasts
  • Adultery / Cheating / Unfaithfullness
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Hectic Schedules
  • Uncertainty about the future doesn’t have to be this way -- not for your marriage.

Newspapers and magazines have been rich with headlines about “Marriage and Divorce”, showing the truth (and statistics) that marriages are hurting and couples are suffering. The dreadful fact is no longer a secret: to some, the term Marriage is almost synonymous to Divorce.

However, If you are in the same scenario as what media portrays about suffering marriages, you can now realize that change is right at your fingertips. The real tragedy lies in the fact that most husbands and wives are suffering because they are not getting any help. Couples should know to speak up, reach for help, and take it.

“I need help with my relationship. Where and to whom do I turn?”

If you feel that your marriage has hit its bottom, where can you find help? How do you heal?

If your marriage looks ok with a little sign of it getting grey, before it ends up in crisis, what should you do?

Maybe you have waited for months, or years to begin looking into marriage counseling… but you are still on the right track.

Let us at Thriveworks Miami Marriage Counseling guide you from this first step onwards. We will not let you struggle marriage’s mishaps on your own. From this point on, we will be with you.

Thrive Miami: The #1 Leading Marriage Counseling Service in Miami

We specialize in marriage counseling. Almost 50% of our clients are couples who want to improve and save their marriages. 

Professional care is what we provide. You will be treated with respect and with sensitivity – the best care you deserve. From the first phone call, to the first time you step foot at our office, we are already focused on helping you with your marriage goals.

Improving relationships is both an ART and a SCIENCE; this is how we look at it here. We help you make your marriage more successful, better, more engaging – and THRIVING.

The #1 Complaint We Hear From New Clients

“I appreciated my last counselor /  life coach listening to me, but he/she didn’t have anything to say or to help me at all.”

Good intentions are good but what clients need is help with their situation. We often hear from new clients coming from previous centers that they were not helped enough.

At Thrivworks, we make sure that what you spend, be it time or money, for therapy will provide you help: Happiness, new understandings, breakthroughs, and new behaviors. We are passionate about what we do; we are experts in our field. Thriveworks Miami Counselors listen – and help facilitate happiness in our client’s marriages.

No Waiting Lists

We know that your time is precious and you can’t wait for weeks (or even months) before getting the help you need. We want to help your marriage find the healing it needs…right now, at this point here.

Thriveworks Miami will offer you something that no other counselors, marriage and family psychologists, social workers, psychotherapist, or anyone else can offer. Have your first marriage counseling session scheduled for this week. Call us today and you might even get an appointment for the next day. 

Thrive Miami Marriage Counselors believe that getting started quickly (without waiting lists) is important. You worked up the motivation and courage to step forward for a change, the least we can do is to get you a marriage counseling session right away.

To schedule your first appointment within 24 hours, call us at (305)-307-5162 today.