Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees: Miami Counseling

Thriveworks counselors are not physically located in Miami. 

However, we have counselors located at three “brick and mortar” clinics located in Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; and Philadelphia, PA. The counselors and life coaches at these offices are experienced at providing online counseling (via Skype) and telephone counseling care.

If you are interested in Online or Telephone services, simply email us.

Thrive Miami Counseling and Life Coaching Provides Excellent and Professional Service and Care
Thrive Miami counselors live up to a standard of professionalism mixed with high quality to provide its clients the service and care they truly deserve.

No Waiting Lists

We will give you the space you deserve in our schedules. You worked up the motivation and courage to step forward for a change, the least we can do is to get you a counseling session right away.

Service Rates: Free $25 value Telephone Consultation

Thrive Miami Counseling provides a number of different Miami counseling and life coaching services which include:

  • Depression Counseling / Depression Therapy
  • Anxiety Counseling / Anxiety Therapy
  • Addiction Counseling / Addiction Therapy
  • Couples Counseling / Couples Therapy
  • Marriage Counseling / Marriage Therapy
  • Therapy services for other life-issues

Services rendered, number of counseling sessions, and the client’s needs are what determines costs. We at Thrive Miami determine costs on a sliding scale.

Online Counseling and Telephone Counseling

Online and Telephone counseling are becoming increasingly popular and useful tools to facilitate counseling for busy and long-distance clients. Dr. Anthony Centore, the Thrive Miami Counseling Founder, is nationally recognized for his research, practice, and training of Online Counselors and Telephone Counselors.

Many of our clients are busy with work or other affairs, and we don’t limit our professional commitment to our offices alone. We offer the opportunity for clients to “call in” for a session if they cannot be physically present in our office.

Are you interested in receiving counseling or life coaching services from a distance?